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About Us
 Welcome to the third generation of the Atz Furniture family! 
Julius Atz    Holy cow!  We've been at this for over 90 years?!?  The year was 1922 when Julius and Jake Atz co-founded Atz Furniture in Goshen, Indiana.  The business expanded to Kendallville, IN. in 1928 and to Ligonier, IN. in 1942. 
    The picture at left is of Julius in about the year 1900.  OK, so it looks a little fuzzy.  Trust me, he was a handsome devil.  Well Julius had two sons, Eugene and John.  John (shown below) managed the Ligonier store (without the help of the bull) for quite some time while Eugene managed the Kendallville store. The Goshen store was closed in 1958. 
    John bought out Eugene in 1978 and became sole owner of Atz Furniture.  He worked in both the Kendallville and Ligonier stores until son Joe joined the business in 1982.   
    Actually Joe has been working with the stores since he was 10 years old.  Dust is always something to be chased in a furniture store and Joe was a champion duster. To this day the store staff constantly reminds Joe that a dust cloth still fits pretty well in his hand.       
    So Joe (shown below, right, in the middle of the pile) managed the Ligonier store from 1982 until 1990.  A lot of great people live and work in Ligonier and Joe got to meet many of them in the store and while working with the Ligonier Chamber of Commerce, the Ligonier Rotary Club and other local organizations.   
    In 1990, Joe moved to the Kendallville store to work with John.  From that year until 2013, the Ligonier store has been taken care of by terrific Atz Furniture associates. 
     If you come to Kendallville, be sure and stop to say hello to Byron Ehret or Taylor Reid or Jeff Johnson.  They're great people and they'd love to help you with anything you need for your home.  You'll even find Joe in the store, most days.
    Joe's daughter Jenna ( at right, riding the horse named "Dad") and nephew Dustin (being run over by Jenna and the horse named "Dad") are now in their twenties and off doing their working thing.  We haven't seen a dust rag in their hands in a couple years.
    Sadly, John Atz passed away in 2006 and is deeply missed by his family, the store staff and even many customers and friends he met over his 67 years in the family furniture business. The Ligonier location closed in 2013.
     Joe and the whole crew at Atz Furniture are still doing their best to help make the folks of northeast Indiana comfortable in their homes, and will continue that tradition for decades to come.